Pure-fumed Anointing Oils

Every blend is mixed with pure essential oils. Recipes are Biblically based and created in partnership with Holy Spirit. Every tool shipped is anointed and prayed over with one of these blends. A sample bottle is included with each order. They are for anointing your flags, yourself, and anywhere else Father prompts. You may also enjoy carrying your fragrance in a diffuser pendant. Which you can order here.
*If you want a personal & unique recipe created , I’d be honored to seek Father over one just for you!*
Pure-fumed simply means–there are no synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils. As these contain only pure oil, they also carry theraputic benefits. Oils and spices were a great portion of worship, prayer, and dedication throughout the OT and NT. And in future references in Daniel, Ezekial and Revelations. Personally, ive found using oils enhances the “experience”. We have 5 different recipes, currently, each with specific significance. Interestingly, in Rev. there were two things God directed the angels to not harm. One of those was the oil! Rev 6:6