Metal Streamers

Offered in 3 types of metallic. Each with it’s own cool characteristics. All light-weight with elegant, powerful flows. Reg. Tissue is vibrant and sparkling. Liquid is ultra shiny and reflective. Chain Mail is two-toned and reflective with an added warring sound.  ***more photos coming soon!




Prices for set of 2

Tissue Metal–lightweight, extraordinary vibrant sparkle & shine. (Texture is minimal is this superior tissue lame) 

Toddler sized 8″X5′ $27

Kid sized 10″X7′ $35

Adult 10″X9′ $40

Adult Large 14″X10′ $50

Liquid Tissue Metals–lovely flow, brilliant shine, very light reflective

Chain Mail Metals–light reflective, deep shaded, and make striking pop when wielded to do so.

Toddler size $35

Kid size $42

Adult $48

Adult Large $58

***any of these sets pair well with silk sets to form double streamers. Prices listed in Silk Streamers***