Shiney Metallics

Offering 2 kinds of ultra shiny metallics. Each with it’s own unique characteristics. Both ultra-light with elegant flow.



Liquid Metal–lovely flow and brilliant shine

(currently stocked colors: Royal, Red, Green, Fuchsia, Gold, Platinum)

Standard 48 X 50 $60

Large 52 X 55  $70

Tissue Metal–lightweight,  vibrant shimmer & shine. (Texture is minimal in this superior tissue lame)

(currently stocked colors: Deep Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Orange, Magenta, Silver)

**fabric is only available in 44″ width**

Standard 44X50  $48

Wings 58 X 44 $55


♥All metal fabrics pair great with sheers and iridescents for layered sets!! See “Lavish Layers” for more photos, and contact me to design something custom for your worship journey!♥