Camphire of Engedi

An intriguing blend of florals
and timbers. Multi-dimensional!
Very aromatic bouquet for enhancing
private moments or corporate settings.


Holy Spirit highlighted the ingredients for this mix in Songs 1&2. Camphire was a flowering plant widely used in Solomon's day for both it's medicinal properties, perfumes, and adornment. Interestingly the word "camphire" meant a covering,make atonement, cleanse, forgive, be merciful, pacify, pardon, purge. wow! Engedi, where the henna plant grew abundantly, was located near the dead sea. This blend is wonderfully fragrant with pure essentials of jasmine, rose of damascus, fir, myrrh, and citrus. And would be useful in multiple dimensions! When we were creating this recipe, we began to realize it's effects....a balancing and uplifting atmosphere invaded the room. My new favorite!
5 ml green dropper bottle ($25)


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