Esther’s Bath

Heavy and sweet, this fragrance is
a blend of oils used in royal chambers
in Esther's day.


A blend of spices and aromatic essential oils that were commonly used by royalty during the estimated time Esther became queen. Prior to going before the king, Esther underwent much preparation. We are prepared by the Holy Spirit, whom convicts and convinces our hearts to go before Father with a clean and pure conscience. Planning and setting aside time to go into the courts is something every worshipper does. This recipe definitely adds a fragrant dimension to times of “preparation”.
This is a very intense fragrance, with cleansing, balancing, and de-stressing properties. Also an excellent choice for a diffuser pendant.
Esther 2:12 (pure essentials of myrrh, clove, geranium, cistus, olive, balsam and ocotea)
4ml frosted heart keychain bottle ($18)


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