Holy Fire

Warm and spicy mixture of spices
and oils God ordained for use in
the tabernacle and upon those
whom ministered to the Lord.


A fiery mixture made with oils/spices found in Moses’ Tabernacle. God Himself ordained the use of these ingredients, with sacred purpose. To anoint the priests or the furniture was a specific command, given by Father, that they would minister unto the Lord. Holy Spirit prompted this blend to anoint the minister, tools, or places of ministry…to direct all things towards Him! we have received several testimonies of healings when some ministered with this blend. Much prayer and Holy Spirit direction went into the recipe.
Exodus 29:7, 40:9 Ingredients include Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cypress)
6ml jewel topped bottle ($21)
***This recipe contains warming oils, so be sure to avoid around the eye area***


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