Lavish Worship

Our signature, and first recipe, Holy Spirit
prompted…specifically to anoint worship tools
and worshippers and set them aside
for one purpose…to lavish upon Him!


Inspired by the story in Matthew 26:7. This woman poured upon Jesus, the most extravagant of her assets. Accumulating this ointment required much of her. Whether she purchased it or labored over the gathering and making of it, it entailed every aspect of her life. At the risk of great humility, she lavished upon the One worthy of all we are and have! Father spoke this recipe in a passionate moment of worship. It includes pure essential Spikenard and Lavender. This aroma is bright, fresh, and lingering. Don’t just imagine its scent filling the room as she poured it upon Jesus…you can experience it yourself!
9ml amber roller bottle ($27)


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