Silk Streamers

Father used the Northern lights, streaking across the
sky-declaring His majesty, to first draw me to worship
with tools. For me, it’s like extending my worship!



Priced per set (2)
Child-sized--- 5'-7'X12-14"' $45--$55
Standard size- 10' X 12" $65
Large -------- 12' X 12-15" $70--$80
Xtra Large-----14' X 12-15" $85--$100 (depending on width and design)
Double Streamers:
Added Silk layers, aprox 4 feet---add $15 (can be added to any set 7 feet and longer)
Mixed Media: These are a whole 2nd set made from metallic. They can be attached to silk sets at the rod, or flown separately on their own rods.
Standard size runs aprox. 10-12" wide, 9' long. **Discounted price when coupled with silk streamers!!
As an add-on $35 (for 2)
Double Streamer Sets
Metal Streamers