Solid White Silks

The white flag. Pure silk. As they say every ladies closet should contain a black dress? Every flagger’s bag should have a set of white silks! lol!  No matter what else i carry, i always have these. Sometimes i pair them with other colors and fabrics. Sometimes alone. The atmosphere in worship prompts this. Sometimes its surrender, or purity, or righteousness. Other times the bride, or the Lamb. Or when mixed with other sets, even more things. These are my “whites”. I have them paired with an iridescent here. Even though they’re rather large, my little grand girl waves them easily. If your wanting to complete your flag “wardrobe” with a classic…this is it!


Any Silk Tool is available is solid white….prices are listed on each style’s page. For specific or custom style or size, please contact me for pricing.

Silk Sails shown here:





Kids 39X48 $50

Standard 44X 50 $55

Large 52X55  $68

XLARGE 54X60 $75

**Multiple layers and points available. $10-$20 add’tl- depending on number of layers.  Please contact me to custom your classic white silks**