Billows And Pageantry

Billows bring a heavenly dimension to events, flag ministry, dance, weddings…etc. They represent coverings, the sukka, and/or heaven’s atmosphere. Tapestry is sewn on at two ends.

Angel Wings are worn and can be folded back when not in use. Rods included. Some measurements needed when ordering. Silk or Sheer Sparkle make excellent Angel Wings




Silk Billows: 

Pricing begins at $75 for 55’X10″ in solid white  (Dyed colors additional)

Other lengths/widths available also

Lame Billows:

Pricing begins at $65 for 45’X10′ (Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Orange)

Sheer Billows:

Pricing begins at $55 for 58″X10′ (available in many colors!)

Angel Wings:

Sheer Sparkle begins at $55

Silk begins at $70 for solid white (Dyed Colors addt’l)