Lavish Layers

Silk Layers or Mixed Media, Prophetic Tools.  We can combine and layer nearly any two…or three fabrics! Some do better with rounded edges, others with points and uneven hems. Please contact me to discuss your vision, and/or partner with me in seeking Holy Spirit for the perfect tools for your journey! Gallery pics are Spirt-led, combinations. The sky is NOT the limit! 

Lavish Layers
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Listed prices are average costs for various combinations. These are suggested layer combinations.

Silk Layers: begin @ $85– Double or Triple layers of  5mm, 8mm, or mixture of weights (5mm, 8mm, chiffon, silk gauze), endless styles

Mixed Media: Mixtures of Metals, Sheer Sparkle, Transparents, and Silks, endless styles

Layers of Faux Silk & Sheer Sparkle $60-$70 (Standard or Large)

Layers of Faux Silk & Transparents $60-$80 (depending on size and number of layers)

Layers of Sheer Sparkles$55- $70 (depending on size and number of layers)

Double Rainbow Pearl & Sheer Sparkles $65-$75 (Standard or Large)

Liquid or Tissue Metals & Sheer Sparkle and/or Iridescents $85-$100 (dpndng on size & fabrics )

Sparkling Metals & Sheer Sparkle and/or Transparent $85-$110 (depending on size & fabrics)

Silks and Sheers and/or Transparent  $85-$110 (depending on size, fabrics & number of layers)

Silk set paired with Transparent set

Double Flag Sets: pairing two entire sets that coordinate together or can be flown separately. I do this often with white silks and any other fabrics. Hems are adjusted to enhance the flow when all together. This choice would  include a discount on single set  prices. img_4170

***Please note these prices are for suggested doubles. Cost could be considerably less or slightly more for different mixtures. Please contact me to share your vision, or allow me to partner with you in seeking Father over His desire for your tools.

Psalm 60:4 “The Lord gives the banner…”

Blessings and encouragement, Nelda