Stained Glass Flags

An array of colors are woven into these fabrics. Amazing glass-like shine, and feather-light. Gorgeous in multiple layers! (sizes and prices listed below)

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Solid Colors


BLENDED COLORS: Sea of Glass (Pale Blue, Aqua & Silver), Twilight(Pinks, Gold, & Coral), Inner Court (Purples, Pinks & Blues)  Lightning Blue (Teal Blue, Silver & Coal) Fire & Water (Turquoise & Burned Red) Lavish Worship (Pale Lavender, Silver, Gold) Sweet Spices(Bronze, Gold, Coal) Gold Talent (Deep Gold, Coal) Alter of Incense (Brown, w/hints of Sapphire) Robe of Righteousness (Vivid Purple, Coal, hints of Magenta)

Standard 45″X50″ $45

Large 52″X54  $50

Multi-Layered Standard $65

Multi-Layered Large  $75 (layered flags are not rounded, and have 3 layers in all)

SOLID COLORS: Rich Red, Deep Purple, Morning Yellow, Emerald Green, Pastel Lavender, Intense Turquoise, Solid Silver, Misty Blue

Standard: $40

Large: $45

Layered Standard: $60

Layered Large: $70



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