Sheer Sparkle

Ultra light-weight with light-catching crystal effects

Sheer Sparkle


Prices are for sets (2)

Single Layers Standard—-45″X50″ $33

Single Layers Large——–52″X54″ $38

Double Layers Offset $55  (side-by-side layers 48X55 on both)

Double Layers $60 (nested layers aprox. 45X48 + 52X54)

Multiple Layers-Standard  $65 (edges are not rounded)

Multiple Layers-Large $70

Available colors: Red, Navy, Royal, Teal Green,  Gold, Plum, Aqua, White, Purple, Yellow, Orange

***Can mix any colors for layered sets

***Teal Green and Navy come in 45″ fabrics, so can only be made in standard singles, or for the smaller layers on doubles and multi-layered.