Faux Silk

Faux Silk is an economical alternative to real silk. Shimmers like metal and flows like 8mm silk, with the additional dimension of “sound”…one of my personal favorites!  

Faux Silk



This fabric is very similar to 8mm silk, flows just as lovely, and delivers an awesome
snapping sound when weilded to do so.

(prices are for set of 2)
Standard size:  45″X50″ $38

Large:  52″X56″ $43

X-Large Wings (semi circle) 58’X48″ $45

Swing flags Standard 40″X45″ $45

Swing Flags Large 48’X53 $50

Kid-sized 28″X36″ $27

COLORS: Red, Dark Blue, White, Turquoise, Orange, Gold, Purple, Lavender, Green (more colors coming soon)

***Pairs well with Sheer Sparkle and Transparents…find prices for doubles on Lavish Layers page. Or contact me to custom order a layered set***